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Top 5 photo cameras of 2014

Top 5 photo cameras of 2014

If you have your own top 5 photo cameras we will not mind to share withs us

Just like any other thing out there that we buy, photo cameras represent an investment we make. And we really want to make sure that we spend our hard earned money only on some of the best cameras available on the market. And when I say “the best”, I don’t necessarily mean very expensive. You probably don’t even need a professional camera after all, especially if your a beginner.

But, even so, you do want quality. You do want to be able to take stunning photos. You want loads of storage space and great battery life. And you are willing to pay for this. In this article here, we will take a look at some of the best 5 cameras money can buy. Although I will be mentioning cameras from last year, it doesn’t mean they are outdated! In fact, you might actually get them cheaper than they cost in 2014, when they hit the market!

1. Sony Cyber-shot HX60V

It’s no coincidence that this camera comes in first. It was one of the best sold photo cameras in 2014. Almost everywhere you looked, you would see it being given 5 star ratings. It’s pretty versatile, has a generous zoom, a small body and gives you as much control as you want and need for taking great pictures with it.

It’s not really a whole new camera, different from its predecessor, the HX50, but it does have an increased operational speed and some new features. Among these, you can find your usual GPS, Wi-Fi and NFC, to name just a few. Video quality is excellent, thanks to its great image stabilizer system.

It weighs around 272 grams and has a 80 to 3200 ISO range, along with a 20.4 MP CMOS sensor.

2. Fujifilm FinePix X100S

It’s an upgraded version of the older X100, with better focusing speed and a new 16.3 MP APS-C sensor. With this newer and better camera, Fujifilm aims to keep other competitors behind. Other than the changes I have already spoke about, there isn’t anything else worth noted. The camera looks just like the original X100.

It has great controls and, because it’s lightweight (445 grams), it feels pretty ok in the hand.

3. Canon PowerShot G16

Just like the FinePix, Canon G16 is an improved version of an older camera, the G15, which comes with better and faster autofocus and Wi-Fi. It’s not a huge leap from the original one, but I don’t think it needs much, since it is already ahead of much of its competitors. It has a 12 MP, 1/1.7 in, back-illuminated sensor, flash, a memory card slot for SD, SDHC and SDXC cards, and it can take videos at 1080p.

The display doesn’t tilt, it’s fixed, which kind of reduces the options you have available for shooting at other angles. But there’s a good side to this: it doesn’t make the camera too big. Also, it’s not a touchscreen, but probably it’s not a problem for most of us, is it?

4. Nikon Coolpix AW120

If you are on the hunt for a rugged camera, look no further! The new Nikon Coolpix AW120 should be just what the doctor ordered for you! It’s perfect for taking shots in the wild and can work in almost any condition and weather you encounter out there. You can drop it in the water (to a max depth of 18 m), you can leave it in the dust and it will still work ok, because it has rubber sealings around the buttons and battery (as well SD card) hatches, which make it dust and waterproof.

Also, it should withstand some very low temperatures, of around -10 degrees Celsius. At least that’s what Nikon says.

5. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ60

The TZ60 is what you can call one fine compact camera. It boasts a very generous zoom and a very large and impressive list of features. Due to its smaller size, it can be carried around in your pocket much easier than other cameras. So you will always have available and ready to snap some quick photos.

It comes with a 18.1 MP, 2/3 in MOS sensor, image stabilization, a 3 in, 920,000-dot LCD screen, an electronic viewfinder (200,000-dot), Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS, USB 2.0 and Micro HDMI connectivity options.

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