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Do you know how to protect your camera?

Do you know how to protect your camera?

It is well known that the most important thing for a photographer is always having a device capable of capturing any incredible moment that he observes. But sometimes we know that our cameras are not designed to support too much roughness or all the dangers of taking it everywhere.

So what options do we have?

The are plenty options according to the different situations that can be presented in daily life, so here you can learn how to protect from them.
General care:  Always use the strap of the camera to avoid falling. The camera must have a case and this should be of the correct size to avoid it to be loose and hitting against the inside of the case.
Rain: This is one of the most common situations and also one of the hardest situations to handle. The camera can be easily protected with plastic bag and in case the lens get wet, it is possible to clean it with a lens tissue.
Sand: This is not as common as the rain in most places, but it’s still a bad combination with electronic devices. So to avoid damages to the camera, it is important to try to cover the camera as if it is a water situation, this will be very helpful to avoid the dust come inside the camera. After finished with the use of the camera it is imperative to clean deeply all the camera with a brush. This may take some time, but it is important and it has to be done, specially in the lenses part, as it will avoid them to get damage.
These are the most common situations that can affect your camera and that can make an irreversible damage to it, so it is important to know how to take care of them and to be prepared for them.

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