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What are digital single lens reflex cameras

What are digital single lens reflex cameras

If you’re new to all this photography thing, you might also think digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras are a novelty too. You would be wrong. Digital cameras have been around since the late ’70s. In fact, the very first digital camera was invented in 1975, by a Kodak engineer, Steven Sasson. At that time, they were mainly available to military and news outlets. Also, they were still using film rolls to store they photos on.

Some years later, as technology evolved, the DSLRs were much cheaper and were available to the masses. And since 1992 on, they kept on changing. They became better with every passing year. Nowadays, we can choose from a wide range of DSLRs. The only thing we need to know is, what are we going to be using them for? Some of use are professional photographers, so it makes sense to buy much more expensive and advanced photo equipment. We probably want to take sports shots, action photos or portrets, all of which would require a finer DSLR camera.

For the rest of us who aren’t that much into photography, then we should be ok with a less complicated and much cheaper DSLR camera. Really, do we need all those extra features? We’re not professionals, we’re amateurs!

DSLR cameras are very flexible, which is a great thing, because they will give you professional results and will allow you to explore your creative side in depth, unlike a point-and-shoot camera. You can pick all sorts accessories for them, from wide angle lenses, to tripods, flashguns or longer lasting batteries, all of which are meant to enhance your photo experience.

Every year, we see more and more DSLRs emerging. And that should show us that they are here to stay. I’m pretty sure we won’t see them going away to soon, as is the case with the point and shoot cameras. Some of the DSLR models I would recommend to buy this year, if we are to look at the trends, are: Nikon D3300, Canon EOS Rebel T5i, Canon EOS 70D, Nikon D810, Sony Alpha 77 M2, Nikon D5500 and Pentax K-S1.

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