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Back to study Photography for Beginners

Back to study Photography for Beginners

Hello dear readers,
It’s been a while since I have written articles on this blog, but I was pretty busy with documentation about how to become a better photographer.

I know many want this, whether they are beginners or photographers with some experience, we all want to make progress. This can be done only through study and work, hard work.
Well I started to study and buying ebooks on the Internet about photography for beginners. I added a collection for you to choose from also Check Photographers Ebooks Colection
Now to be honest, i have  got 2 free books from Amazon through Kindle app that are realy very usefull

First one is :

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This book is very informative and extremely useful to have , all topics required for a beginner are well covered, clear and easy to follow.
This book provides all the information you need to create stunning photos.

And the second one:

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Soon i will be back with some reviews….until then Enjoy your reading!!!

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