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3 mistakes you should avoid while redesigning a logo

3 mistakes you should avoid while redesigning a logo

Are you planning on scrapping your old logo? Or are you intent on starting right from the scratch? Or do you simply want to carry the best elements forward and merge it with a modern update? Whatever you desire, just keep in mind that the logo redesign comes out as a huge challenge that will definitely impact your brand’s future. We will list you three mistakes that you should avoid while redesigning a logo.

Never leave out isolating your former logo’s best qualities

Some brands have had logos that have been out in the market as long as the brand itself. In order to carry out such redesigns, you need to adopt new design trends without losing out the classic tradition. This means that you embrace new design trends and at the same time you hold on to classic traditions.

It does not matter whether your logo has been around there in the market for a short time. Even if it has been just around for a decade, you still have to mull over keeping many elements because they are worth being kept. If you take the example of Marriot redesign, you would notice that the most memorable or unique part about the old logo was the “M.” The new updated version had as its new version the same “M” as the most prominent element. Remember while redesigning a logo, you must keep in mind that the logo has to be modern and clean and still adhere to the elements from the past. This is the way through which you prevent your consumers from being confused.

Keep the new logo design simple

When you opt for a redesign, do not tend to over-think. If there are elements from your old logo that you will like to keep, then do keep them. Using the old elements card is not a bad idea. However, while doing so, do not forget to make your new logo design simple. The trick is to combine the old and new logo with a new touch. This new embracing of the two logos can definitely be creative and you only need to ensure that creativity is a vital part of the redesign. Such new logo designs are smart for your business. This will not confuse your customers and both the old and new brand will live on.

Keep the future in mind

While your staff may be busy debating how the new looks of the logo design will affect the consumer preferences, you need to be focused more on this point: is the design completely scalable. This is one of the new logo design’s key feature that need not be missed out. When Google’s logo was changed, the design came out to be a success because it was completely scalable. It looks great on an iPhone screen as it does on desktop. Even though we live in a world where the customers may not get to see your logo in print, yet you have to create a clean design that will translate well into all shapes and sizes, whether it is a business card or smartphone screen.


Whenever you plan on a redesign, the right approach is to slow things down and consider all your options. If you ever get the chance to market test the new design, then do it. This will protect you from countering any unwanted surprises.

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